2020 Teaching American History Multi-Day Colloquia

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History lives on.

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Visit sites of historical import.

Teaching American History’s discussion-based programs delve into the history and meaning of America through the words of historical figures great and small. Each multi-day colloquium is hosted at a site of consequence in American history, and is led by a historian or political scientist with expertise in the topic, while staying focused on the shared reading and analysis of the texts.

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A shared love of history.

Enjoy a few days of interacting with your colleagues who love the past as much as you do, sharing insights about how you tell America’s story in your own classrooms. Then take home some new primary sources to use in your own classroom.

The folks at TAH believe that the best way to understand history is through the words of those who lived it. That’s why each participant of every TAH seminar receives a set of primary source readings selected to help them understand the major ideas, events, and people related to the seminar topic as those ideas and events would have been understood by the people experiencing them in the past.

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Yes, these hours count!

Participants may attend the multi-day colloquium for in-service hours.

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Attend for free.

Thanks to our generous donors, we are pleased to offer our seminars at no cost to participants. Participation is based on a competitive application process and applicants must be current K-12 teachers. Accepted teachers will receive a stipend of $300 to help defray travel costs, which will be distributed at the completion of the program. All food, lodging, and program-related costs on-site are covered by TAH.


Here’s what you need to know…

In 2020, we will be holding the following multi-day colloquia across the country. We hope you’ll be able to join us!

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